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UK Media - Dead in the Water

Woman Magazine
Woman >
December 2019

After almost four decades of grief, Penny Farmer was determined to get to the truth.

Woman Magazine - Real Life
The Times Newspaper
The Times >
2nd May 2019

Graves of couple murdered in Guatemala finally found

BBC Manchester
BBC Manchester >
1st May 2019

Graves of British couple murdered in Guatemala in 1978 found

BBC 5 Live
Finding my brother's grave 40 years after his murder
BBC Radio 4
Listening Project >
3rd May 2019
BBC1 - North West Tonight
BBC1 - North West Tonight >
Finding my brother's grave 40 years after his murder
26th April 2019
Manchester Evening News
Manchester Evening News >
23rd March 2019

The haunting story of two little boys who watched their father kill in cold blood

BBC World Service Outlook
BBC World Service Outlook >

14th September 2018

Dream Holiday that Ended in Tragedy

BBC Radio Manchester
Radio Manchester >

28th August 2018

BBC World News
BBC World News >
2.3 million views in one week.

24th August 2018

'After 37 years I caught my brother's killer on Facebook'

Oxford Mail
Oxford Mail >
24th August 2018

Writer's research online helps to track down brother's killer

Real Crime Magazine


Real Crime Magazine >
24th August 2018

Peta signed off, 'I don't think there's any more news - nothing much happens on a boat'. How wrong she was.

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BBC Radio Oxford
BBC Radio Oxford >
23rd August 2018
BBC1 - North West Tonight
BBC1 - North West Tonight >
21st August 2018
BBC 5 Live
BBC5 Live >
16th August 2018

My interview is at 1 hour 36 minutes.

Love Sport Radio
Love Sport Radio >
15th August 2018
Talk Radio
Talk Radio >
13th August 2018
The Mail on Sunday
The Mail on Sunday >
12th August 2018

'He knew the game was up': Grieving sister who tracked down her brother's killer on Facebook says murderer's death denied her family justice.

Manchester Evening News
Manchester Evening News >
12th August 2018

'I used Facebook to find the serial killer who murdered my brother and his girlfriend'.

This Morning
This Morning >
9th August 2018
The Mirror
The Mirror >
9th August 2018

This Morning fans fuming as woman speaking about brother's brutal murder is interrupted by ad break.

The Mail on Sunday
The Mail on Sunday >
2.6K shares / over 1000 comments.
29th July 2018

'They never had a hope': How sister of a young doctor and his girlfriend who were stripped naked, trussed and thrown overboard to die...

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Crime Online
Crime Online >
30th July 2018

Young couple tortured, murdered while on dream trip around the world; letters home helped family ID killer decades later.

Lad Bible
Lad Bible >
30th July 2018

Solution To 40-Year Mystery Of British Couple's Murder Revealed In New Book.

Yacthing and Boating World
Yachting & Boating World >
30th July 2018

New book aims to shed light on the double murder of British couple Christopher Farmer and Peta Frampton.

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